Friday, 8 November 2013

Back home

Well what a bad blogger am I!! The last 3 days in Norway still not accounted for!

We decided to get the train from Voss to Bergen mainly because my husband loves trains! I had packed up all my things in a backpack and abandoned my suitcase with Doug so that made things easier!

My last trip to Voss was on a school ski trip when I was 12 so it was quite nice to go back! Voss is huge (population 10000) compared to laerdal (population 1000)

Here are a few of my Voss pics 
Again I had to take a picture of a house! I love them they have south character!

We caught the train to Bergen and that's where we spent the next two days (and after a little moan and change of room - twice-  we were upgraded to a business class room!) Bergen is pretty and we enjoyed walking around the streets stopping for a hot chocolate in a gorgeous quant cafe - all books and comfy chairs. 

The weather was glorious on our last day and we climbed the hill which overlooks Bergen (with most of the population of Bergen it seemed) and enjoyed the views. 

At 3.15 Doug left to catch a train back to Voss and I waited in the hotel lobby before catching an airport shuttle bus.

Bergen airport has to be the most confusing in the world but I did eventually find my departure gate! It was beside the duty free and it was amusing to watch arriving Norwegians descend on the shop like locusts - they just about stripped it of alcohol and left with as much as they could carry!!

Anyway a smooth flight later I landed at Heathrow where it was raining - like a monsoon!!!

It was a fantastic week with the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen so I would highly recommend a visit there if you get the chance (just take food!!!)

And the fish market too -
That was the ugliest fish ever!!!!

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