About us...

We are a couple in our mid- 40's who want to see more of the world. Simple really!
I am a teacher and my husband is soon to be a fully qualified nurse.I have been lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit and so far have lived in 1. England. 2. South Africa. 3. France. 4. Canada. 5. Switzerland 6. Botswana. For the past 18 years I have been living in England.

I returned to the UK in 1985 and have spent the time bringing up my daughter, working hard in my chosen career, getting married and driving both of them potty with my ongoing obsession with travelling!My husband of 9 years was made redundant 5 years ago and it led us to reassess everything.....so.....he went to college and then to University...and will soon be qualified....then

We are off!!!!! We have a permanent residence visa for Australia and that is where we will head...we just plan to take a while to get there!!! I wish blogging had existed when i first started travelling in 1986 so I am not missing out this time!!!

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