Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day 13 Coast Starlight train Seattle to San Francisco (27th August 2015)

We caught the Coast Starlight from King's Station in Seattle.
This is our route...

The route will take us nearly 23 hours from Seattle to San Francisco...

What a train!!!

Dining car

Parlour car
Dominique in her roomette

Leaving Seattle ... Views along the way

A bite to eat

A stop in Portland, Oregan

A spot of wine tasting

A few views from the train in Oregan

Our beds for the night

Woke up and looked out of my window and we were in Sacramento California!
Where some Mennonites got on!! Now i desperately wanted to take a picture of them as they were fascinating but not so easy - I did get this one of the two men. They spoke a form of German I believe     and their beards and hairstyles - as well as style of dress - was really old fashioned. The women wore little caps as well as long dresses and aprons. 
We arrived into Emeryville where we left the train (but will pick it up again on Monday to LA) to spend 3 days in San Francisco....a place i have dreamt of visiting since i was 8 years old  :-)

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