Saturday, 29 August 2015

Day 19 Los Angeles day 2 (2nd September 2015)

Universal Studios

So its the last day in LA and we are heading back to the UK tomorrow afternoon. We have had an absolutely awesome day as the Americans would say!

Loved Universal - i have wanted to do that studio tour since i was a kid. Also loved the Minions ride and my favourite the Simpsons ride. We also all liked the Jurassic Park ride and did that twice.

So here are a few pictures of our day.

Wisteria Lane

Back to the future town hall

Bates Motel

The waterworld show

My favourite ride

Cool spots where cold mist is sprayed out are a welcome relief from the heat

A visit to Carney's for dinner and a few of the hotel

It has taken a lot of burgers and shakes to get a butt that big!!!

Anyway that's all folks!! Hope you enjoyed following our holiday adventures.
Tracy xx

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