Saturday, 15 August 2015

Our first day in Vancouver! (15th August 2015)

Well we arrived into Vancouver Airport at 13.40 yesterday afternoon after a 9 hour flight from Birmingham. We had an early start as we caught the 6 am Birmingham-Amsterdam flight first (😱)
so we were a little tired (read knackered)

We caught the free shuttle bus to our hotel which was all easy and very straightforward. After a brief visit to Tim Hortons to catch a bite to eat  - 🍔☕️-we conked out! Jetlag 😳😳😳😳😳

At 2am we were a cup of coffee and a muffin later we attempted to get a little more sleep! 

After a quick breakfast we decided to catch the Skytrain downtown and go to Granville Island market. As the hotel we are staying at is close to Bridgeport Skytrain station (which is on the Canada line)we had a 5 min walk only. Ideal and highly recommended!

 We decided to buy day passes for the Skytrain which cost $9.50 each but give unlimited travel. I would highly recommend doing this as it is cost effective and reduces pfaff time!!

The train only took about 20 mins to Yaletown Roundhouse where we got off and walked down to catch an Aquabus to Granville Island.

Anyway less writing more pics!!! This is what fab produce you can buy in this market!!!! (Not Doug though)

We had a walk around the island and saw some very interesting things!!!!

These are amazing and part of an urban art project!
We also came across a floating village! These houses were amazing and such a contrast to the glass buildings behind. Apparently they cost between $3000 and $5000 a month each to rent. They are on a floating platform which list with the tide! So neat!!!!

As you can tell i rather liked these!!!!

After our visit to Granville Island we caught the aquabus back to Yaletown. Doug had spotted a train situated in a community centre! A Canadian Pacific Loco which is being preserved by volunteers. 

We then decided to head downtown to waterfront and walk along to Gastown. Gastown is named after Gassy Jack Deighton a riverboat captain who built Vancouver's first significant structure (a bar !!!) in 1867. He was nicknamed gassy as he talked a lot....nothing wrong with that I say!!!

We passed the steam clock on the corner of Water and Cambie streets. A perfect photo opportunity for every tourist in Vancouver including us!!! It gives a steamy rendition of the Westminister chimes every 15 minutes!!

Enjoying a drink in Gastown!
Me and a cuddly mountie!!! And dont i look jetlagged!!!!! Lol

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