Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day 11 Our last day in Victoria!

Last full day. Sad.

We walked to the local mall for a last treat of frozen yoghurt! Ooooh i love this stuff....though my hips do not!!! I also could have moved into the book was huge and had everything you could possibly imagine including quiz books just for Canadians!!!!

I love that there are things like this in the street!!! Could not imagine this in the Uk.

After a clean of the house, a last load of washing and a bit of packing we caught the bus downtown to have some streetfood at Foo's....yummmmmmy


Doug came back by bus and Dominique and I went to see 'Amy' a documentary about Amy Winehouse at the Vic Theatre. This is a cinema run by volunteers and i think Dominique went every week during her time in Victoria. It was very very good and I highly recommend it to anyone who loved her music.

I can say hand on heart I loved Victoria and Vancouver Island and WE WILL BE BACK!!!!

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