Saturday, 1 February 2014

Life is something that happens when .....

I love that quote because it is definately typifying my life at the moment....

Much as i dream of our trip and our life in is very much in the future because our  life now is getting in the way! Working full time can sometimes be very full time. 

I have done a little work on the blog .....the new name I think is here to stay! And I really hope to get a new look sorted in the next few months too - I need to network! Though I must say I feel quite a lot older then most bloggers I am following....especially all the travellers....but there must be room out there for a late 40 something wanderer too I think.

It is grey, dark and quite miserable in the UK at the moment and I am dreaming of blue skies and sunshine. The light box may have to make an appearance if it gets any worse. I have always struggled with the winter months in the northern hemisphere and it does not get any easier year after year.


Above picture taken in Malta a few years ago. One of my favourite destinations and always cheers me up looking at that picture.

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