Wednesday, 24 July 2013

School's out - let the holidays begin

Well school is finished for a whole 6 weeks!! So that will give me time to get a bit more sorted (hopefully). Last week I went to have yet another injection but it seems that after one more in January 2014 that will be deciding on malaria tablets, the Rabies jab and the Japanese encephalitis not quite there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband seems to need nothing so far as being a trainee nurse he had to have lots of jabs anyway!

We are planning a couple of smaller train trips this summer....first off to Southern Ireland....then hopefully trying out a sleeper by taking the overnight from Euston to Inverness as I have made it my mission this holidays to set foot in Kirkwall on the Orkneys!!!

Inbetween all of that planning and gallivanting I am also hoping to make lots of new jewellery to sell on my FB page - Travels in Time. I am also going to set up a blog related specifically to that......

Anyway we have been to the library and these are my planning starting points as well as lots of info from friends who have visited Southern Ireland. And of course I will be consulting

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