Saturday, 6 July 2013

Too much to do!

Ok i think i may be a pretty rubbish blogger since it is quite a few weeks since my last entry....feel like i am going to the confessional....forgive me folks for it is 5 weeks since my last blog....I promise to do three roadtrips, 5 train rides and a ferry to make up for it!

So what has been happening regarding the trip....INJECTIONS!!!!! yes lots of visits to our Doctor's surgery so the lovely nurse can inject me with all sorts of vaccines!! I even have a little book which records each and every potential fatal disease i am being protected against.

I am also doing research on whether we need protection against rabies and Japanese encephalitis. Another issue is that of malaria and what we need to take in the various areas to give us as much protection as possible.

So thats it really!!!! 

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