Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Not long to go now....

Well after nearly 12 weeks in Norway my husband is nearly due home....another 10 days or so. There is even more snow and he has tried (unsucessfully) to build a snowman! The snow is too powdery though so he didnt have sucess. Not bad really for a guy who really doesnt like snow...

I have been playing around with Polyvore creating all sorts of pretty sets....travel isnt far from my mind. I have a few orders to get out for my business and then i am shutting shop for Christmas. These seem to have been shared on my blog....I really do need to learn how to run a blog in the. New Year...I think that is a resolution!!!!

My daughter has an interview at Oxford University next week which is very exciting.....So all in all a good month!

House decorations have started with avengeance. 

And plans are starting on our trip to South-East Asia.... Well a map is on my dining room wall!

On another note....The World lost the most amazing leader and man this week - 

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